Tuesday, January 8, 2008

2008 Presidential Elections - Which candidate suits you best?

Being in sales I talk with alot of people and the presidential race seems to be at the forefront. What I have been noticing, however, is that many people I converse with don't know why they are supporting specific candidates over others.

I came across this website during my presidential candidate research and (so far) it is the best comparitive site I have seen. You can compare side by side two candidates at a time. Also, if you click on the biography links, it has video feeds regarding many of the issues at hand. Feel free to visit and then post a comment on your top choice (or choices).

You may be surprised to know that as a Mormon Republican, Mitt Romney isn't my automatic choice for the 2008 hanging chad contest. Actually, John McCain is my front runner. After the disappointing showing in Iowa, to see him win New Hampshire tonight has my veins feeling juiced like Roger Clemens...with Vitamin B, of course...


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Presidential Debates...Here's what I look forward to.

TRIUMPH THE INSULT COMIC DOG will hopefully make the rounds again. Sometimes it just seems easier for a guy with a dog puppet to ask the questions and make the comments so many of us are thinking of.

Here is what you may (or may not) have missed from Triumph's 2004 tour of the Presidential Debate between Bush and Kerry.