Monday, February 12, 2007

My new blog series...

Over the last decade plus I have been amazed at the varied levels of questions or assumptions that have come to my attention from family, friends, associates and the like regarding what it is that I believe as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or as the nickname goes...The Mormons.

I have decided to write a monthly blog discussing some of those questions and comments, so that those who wish can "hear it straight from the horse's mouth," as they say. All of my future blogs will not be religious in nature but I intend to devote one per month to the sharing of my religious views. It will hopefully create a balance for those suffering through readings of my views on the political and social events of the current world.

I encourage all of you to ask questions (either in private message or publicly) or leave comments. Do not fear about hurting my feelings or worry about shaking my faith. I embrace truth from all avenues. I do not believe I hold a monopoly on the dispersion of truth. I just want to share a little about what makes me who I am and what brings happiness and peace to my life and family.

Heck, many of us already made it through the most awkward times of our lives together (high school)...I think we can make it through healthy discussions about religion, wars, politics, taxes, and just about anything else that inspires heated debates. Happy Sunday to you all! And stay tuned for my new blog series, entitled: What Do Mormons Believe?

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