Saturday, May 17, 2008

Powerful Song: "Ain't No Reason"

Makes me grateful for the things that I needlessly take for granted everyday. It also has prompted me to the decision that I will become a volunteer to a community need. I will keep you posted on what I choose and how it goes.


Nicole Shelby said...

My constantly give and give and give of yourself to those around you. Not just to us...but too all whose need you see.
I applaud and will support and aid you in any decision that you want or feel you need to make.
It's interesting to see how we respond to the world around us.
I feel too strung up in everything - needless or not - and am taking it out by stripping our home of all the clutter and junk that we do not need or want. Or escape into a book.
You look outward and try to see where else you could do some good.
I love you.
You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

cool song T! Yay for messages of happiness and sharing as CHOICES instead of magic beans