Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kids, Chores and Allowances

We have been discussing setting up a formal chore and allowance program in the Shelby household. Hannah has been pretty excited about this, mostly the getting money part. Well, last night as I was preparing for my trip to Tucson, Hannah came down stairs with a piece of paper and announced that she had created the chore and allowance chart.

Seeing as how she recently rejected my offer of $100 to change one of Caleb's poopy diapers...I was eager to see how she thought this financial plan would go.

In case you can't see it all clearly, here is the breakdown:

Clean room: $20.99
Put Caleb to bed: $10
Make our bed: $3.20
Dishes: $1.00
Sweep: $3
Dinner: $15
Lunch: $10
Breakfast: $5
Get the Phone: $0.55
Play: $10

It is obvious that our desire to teach them about the value of money is definitely needed but on the other's only going to cost me $1.00 to get the dishes done.


Urban Koda said...

$10 to play... That comes later in life, when you land the cushy job!

We just did this recently in the Koda household... The reaction has been mixed, but overall it's better than it was before.

Good Luck!

Amanda said...

Love her list!! And I would pay her $3 to sweep my floors too!!

Heidi Maloy said...

Too bad it's going to cost you $10 every time they play??!!

Empress of Venus said...

This is awesome. I'm dismayed that the phrase "For a limited time only!" wasn't next to the making your bed price. What'll she charge me to wash my car?