Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ebay Fun

I had a recent transaction on Ebay in which I bought some books (and got a screaming deal) but to my chagrin the books smelled of smoke when they arrived. I immediately went back to check the description to see if I had missed where they informed prospective buyers that the books were housed in a chimney but, alas, no warning. To their favor, it also did not say (as many Ebay book sellers notate) that they come from a "smoke-free house."

I checked the feedback rating for this seller and they had a 95.8% rating, which means they've had some unhappy customers before me. Well, I decided to be nice but simultaneously warn future buyers against this seller. So I left a positive feedback on both books but in the commentary sections I wrote the following:

1. "As described...but buyer beware of SERIOUS smoke smell. Unsure how to get it out."

2. "Future reference: Buyers do like to know if items come from smoke conditions."

I figured that would be the end of it. Until I received the following email:

Dear casashelby,

You posted feedback claiming the books smell like smoke. That's not possible considering I purchased the books new and they have been in my home ( An Asthmatic and NON SMOKER) since I bought them. If you are going to post feedback like this without contacting me about it first, please do not buy anything from me anymore. Thank You.

- ae******78

Say what???!!! Now I was slightly annoyed. So here was my response:

Dear ae******78,

I don't know what to tell you. I just pulled them off the shelf again. One day after delivery, I flipped open both books, and
they still smell like smoke. I left positive feedback since it technically met the posted description.

Sorry if I ratted out someone in your home as a closet smoker. Don't worry, I probably won't be purchasing any more books
from you. I don't like smokey books...

Aside from the smoke, it was a pleasant experience. I love Salvatore's books. Thanks.

- casashelby

1 comment:

Nicole Shelby said...

funny funny...they DO smell. and those books of questionable morals will probably set a bad example to the rest of the shelf...

still, they look good - all shiny on our shelf...but i guess that's the eternal fascination of bad boys...