Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Reason I Am Right Is Because You Are Wrong

When you argue that my logic is flawed for believing in a spontaneous universal creation by stating your belief in the creation necessitating a Creator, why can you not see that your argument is the SAME as mine. You just believe that God created the universe.

What you fail to admit is that a spontaneous creation was needed to create your Creator.

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Lisa said...

duuuude, god always has been.

but seriously, this is where i get tripped up.

you can be a believer/non-believer and you come across this problem: what created god? what created the atom?

i don't claim to know either, so i sit pretty as an agnostic until i learn enough to convince me chances are there is or is not a god. or a need for one, which i'm not entirely convinced is relevant.

but anyway.

you may be interested in this article i ran into:

be prepared, the comments will probably cause spontaneous brain rupture.