Sunday, April 6, 2008

Internet Television...I love technology.

For those of you who do not already know, a little over a year ago my wife and I decided that we had wasted enough time staring aimlessly into our television. I had a 57" Hitachi High Definition widescreen television and figured it would be a tragedy of Biblical proportions to let such awesomeness go to waste. We had to upgrade to the local cable Hi-Def package and included TIVO in the deal. No more would I be forced to watch whatever was currently on at the time. TIVO had been born to simplify my life and shorten my time spent watching brain-numbing television.

My television ban lasted a few months until someone mentioned that the major networks were starting to put old episodes online for free. Not for the $1.99 download from iTunes...oh no., how could I resist. I come before you now to expound my knowledge on the subject. My wife and I recently bought a Mac (and we love it!) and it serves as our entertainment center. We watch movies, we watch television shows, we surf the internet, and we post blogs that no one reads...

My analytical male brain now refuses to let me purchase a television and subscribe to cable when I get an all-in-one package from my Mac and internet subscription. Why pay an additional $40-50 per month, when the major network shows are nearly all online for FREE anyways? Granted, the basic cable channels have yet to follow the trend but trust me...they will follow suit.

Currently the internet offers over 100 televisions series for fans to watch via streaming or download options. For those who would like to test the waters, I will list below the wonderful sites:

And for those who think that is too many sites, has compiled them all into one listing for you:

Enjoy the madness!


Scott H. said...

Hey there brother, I too have not even had any TV service since I have been married. We in turn, do Netflix, and also watch a few shows online. The bonus with netflix is they take tv series and also make them available to watch (unlimited online viewing now) so you can get alot of the cable stuff there. Definitely not worth the $40-50 for me either (but I don't watch as much as you either).

Jodi Jean said...

i've flirted with the idea of giving it up ... BUT alot of the shows that i love are not available online. so i dont know.
do they make remotes for computers, b/c i LOVE my remote! when we tried watching lost on the computer i had to keep getting up to click "continue" and that got old!!!

oh and you missed
some people watch that channel as well!

Heidi Maloy said...

Amen Brother- we nixed our cable when we sold our last house and haven't missed it other than the occasional need for a Dora fix for the kids! And i have to admit i miss ER a little too, NBC only does highlights of that one. And why the heck can't we get the Pie-lette for Pushing Daisies- even with all the reruns- they skip the pielette- oh well. See ya soon!