Monday, March 30, 2009

Remind me again why we love Israel...

Listen, I love the fact that we have a democratic ally in the middle east as much as the next patriotic American but Jews in America are not gaining fans when they put together support rallies like this and then spew genocidal slurs against an enemy that they no longer fight from their cushy New York residences.

At first, I laughed my head off at the ignorance of those in the video but that quickly changed to uneasiness and my "What-If" imagination took over. What if Israel did decide to nuke the Palestinians? You think Iraq was a mess...try maintaining a friendship with someone who would have just instigated World War III against the global Muslim community.

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Matt Shelby said...

Why we love Isreal.....hmmm, their God's people?!! They have been persecuted for thousands of years. They stand up and fight for themselves, unlike most of the cowardly Arab countries that would rather live in isolation and dictatorship than die fighting for their freedom. We never have to go out and "save" Israel!

The problem isn't the "American Jew" either. They are expressing their rights as citizens of our great nation. I had no problem with the support rally either. People can say whatever they want. That's the beauty of our laws. Just remember that just because these people live in "cushy" New York residences doesn't mean that their families and loved ones are safe. Everyday we live in a society where we don't have to worry about going to a mall or movie theater where we might meet a suicide bomber or rocket attack. A lot of these people lived that and have since come over to our country. Just because they live here doesn't mean they should be silent now.

I've seen the after math of suicide bombers, sat in bunkers during rocket and mortar attacks, donned my gas mask and chemical gear during suspected chemical attacks and roadside bombs have gone off right in front of me. We as Americans don't deal with this on a daily basis. The Jews do. If they nuked the Palestinians, which I doubt they would ever do, it probably would start WWIII. But then again, as Christians, is Armageddon something to fear? Yes it will be bad, but think about the outcome.

I like to think Americans would seem this "crazy" if it happened on a daily basis in our country.