Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Morning TV - How I Met Your Mother

HIMYM: Keeping Things From Ex's


Nicole Shelby said...

"you mom's creepy and gross." haha!

they all looked at robyn crazy for "denby's"...but, what the heck is "bennigan's"?

forget four of 'em...i side with barney. out with clutter! trash the junk! just because you got the lamp for cheap? it's ugly, dump it! you can remember being poor without it. the pillow has multiple stains on it...ge a new one ya' filthy animal!

Christopher Maloy said...

I side with Robin. I don't like ex stuff hanging around (especially if I could sell it on ebay).

Matt Shelby said...

Does anyone else find it strange yet very funny that the "gay guy portraying a straight guy" still sided with the woman?!! Girls stick together even in sitcoms!! haha