Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's The Worst Part of Moving to Utah? Two Words: Glen Beck...

The worst part of living in Utah is that everyone thinks this guy is awesome. He's like the Mormon Rush Limbaugh.

Unfortunately, that wasn't a compliment...

Here are a few diatribes about what an idiot Glen Beck is:

1. From Discover Magazine online
2. From Bill Bowman at TPM
3. From John Amato at Crooks and Liars

Or you can just watch some videos to demonstrate the point...


Lisa said...

I've far, far, far too many TBM friends who treat this guy like he's our unofficial prophet.

One swears the end of the world is coming like next month. I wish I was exaggerating. She told me she and her mom were preparing their food storage to ensure they had enough for their less faithful friends and family.

As if we've never been in a recession before.

But they listen to Beck's inciteful diatribe and take it as gospel (post his links, attend his "spontaneous" tea parties) and it truly is frightening.

Glenn Beck needs to be reigned in. And the ignoramuses who listen to him need to go back to school (or at least do five minutes of research).

Then again, the aforementioned friend also told me one time that she was glad she didn't go back to school because she saw no redeeming value in thinking critically.


I'm bound to be more afraid of those people than I am of most anything else.

MoHoHawaii said...

I wonder what the TBM crowd will make of Jay Bybee, the LDS apologist for torture. Bybee's work has recently been made public by the Obama administration.

It's one thing to talk about this in the abstract. Actually reading Bybee's memo that bloodlessly details why our government can treat a person in a way we would never treat a dog is horrifying, especially when you imagine the author going to Church or attending the temple right afterward.

Read the actual memo. It's available online. This guy may someday be disbarred, but he'll never be excommunicated. That's a fate we reserve for people who embarrass the Church by speaking out about civil rights.

Christopher Maloy said...

Very informative MoHo and Lisa. Thanks for the comments.

Glen Beck ... man I hate this guy. I don't even know where to start. I just recently watched him at a tea bag rally and he was encouraging the people of Texas to secede (all the while chanting USA and waving American flags). That had to be one of the most unamerican acts of display I have ever seen.

My laundry list is so much longer than that, but for my sanity sake I will not list it here.

My two cents about Beck:
I hate the undying devotion the people of Utah give him as well (as well as to Karl Rove).

Kinda sad that I can never take the GOP serious while guys like this become their spokesmen (and I am in favor of a strong two party system, I just don't want the other party to turn into Beck and be so out of touch with the rest of humanity).

Scott H. said...

All of the previous comments are spot on, and Chris, as a Republican, I'm sorry that people like this are representing the GOP, it's ridiculous.

On another note, I am glad to say I've never heard of this guy or seen his program! I'm glad all my friends are liberals so I don't have to hear about this guy.

T.J. Shelby said...

Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and Sarah Palin...

The GOP is safe in good hands.

Ha ha ha...

Jared said...

Unfortunately TJ after Obama the Left has:

Pelosi, Reid and James Carville.

Not exactly looking good on either side.

T.J. Shelby said...

While I see your point with those three stooges, I have to beg to differ on the strength of actual contenders on both sides.

The GOP needs to get someone ready now for 2012. The Dem's seem confident they have until 2016 before they need to worry. So just looking at the depth of offerings from the two parties in 2008, I see it as an indication of strength.

Republicans seem to actually be trying to buoy support for a Palin run. Romney has enough cash to be a contender until his ego deflates enough to realize he'll never win. Ron Paul will probably have to go back to the Libertarian party to win the nomination.

Now they seem to be prepping another Mormon for a presidential run, Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr (who unlike Romney, is wealthy but not self-made). Why? A Mormon will never win over the Bible-belt south, and hence, will never contend. Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota governor is also being considered. And we'll probably see Huckabee again if he gets canned from his cable gigs.

I believe the Democrats had a deeper pool of legitimate contenders. Hillary Clinton may try again after Obama's 8 years but she'll be pushing 70. New Mexico governor Bill Richardson will probably make another attempt after failing to lock up the VP position with Obama. John Edwards was in the running.

Any of those four would have handily beat the McCain/Palin ticket.

Look for Dem's to start prepping Jack Markell (current Delaware Gov), Chet Culver (current Iowa Gov), Massachussetts Governor Deval Patrick will get attention (A) because he's a black governor after the first black US Pres, and (B) he is uber-qualified (unfortunately this point won't receive it's due, and lastly Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm (a pal of the Obama administration who will probably receive some type of Cabinet seat).