Sunday, September 6, 2009

2009 NFL Predictions

AFC East
New England Patriots: 11-5
Buffalo Bills: 9-7
Miami Dolphins: 9-7
New York Jets: 5-11

AFC North
Pittsburgh Steelers: 12-4
Baltimore Ravens: 11-5
Cincinnati Bengals: 8-8
Cleveland Browns: 5-11

AFC South
Tennessee Titans: 11-5
Houston Texans: 10-6
Indianapolis Colts: 10-6
Jacksonville Jaguars: 7-9

AFC West
San Diego Chargers: 10-6
Kansas City Chiefs: 4-12
Denver Broncos: 3-13
Oakland Raiders: 2-14

NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles: 11-5
New York Giants: 10-6
Washington Redskins: 8-8
Dallas Cowboys: 7-9

NFC North
Chicago Bears: 10-6
Green Bay Packers: 10-6
Minnesota Vikings: 10-6
Detroit Lions: 3-13

NFC South
Carolina Panthers: 12-4
Atlanta Falcons: 11-5
New Orleans Saints: 9-7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 4-12

NFC West
Arizona Cardinals: 10-6
Seattle Seahawks: 9-7
San Francisco 49ers: 7-9
St. Louis Rams: 5-11

Super Bowl: Carolina Panthers vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Winner: Carolina Panthers...


Christopher Maloy said...

I think you have underestimated the Dolphins and Jets by a lot. I also think you underestimated New Orleans by one move.

I think you are spot on on everything else. My guess is we will see the Dolphins gunning for that number 1 spot and New England and the Jets battling for #2.

Carolina could very well win the Super Bowl this year, they are gonna be great.

I think San Diego can take the Steelers ... but granted I am a bit biased.

T.J. Shelby said...

I'll make two points before hitting Miami. The Jets have a rookie quarterback. Granted, last year two rookie quarterbacks took teams to the playoffs (Atlanta and Baltimore) but those teams were stacked. The Jets aren't. New Orleans has no defense to speak off but their offense is top 3 in league. They'll be fun to watch though.

Here is Miami's schedule, you tell me where they are going to get 10 or 11 wins to win the division? Unlike San Diego, they don't get to play Oakland, Kansas City and Denver 6 times, they have maybe one "gimme" game at Tampa Bay and TB defense is tough, so not really a gimme...

@ Atlanta
vs Indy
@ San Diego
vs Buffalo
vs NY Jets
vs New Orleans
@ NY Jets
@ New England
vs Tampa Bay
@ Carolina
@ Buffalo
vs New England
@ Jacksonville
@ Tennessee
vs Houston
vs Pittsburgh

T.J. Shelby said...

If anyone I underestimate in that division, it's Buffalo. They might go 10-6.

sonnymaloy said...

LETS GO CHARGERS! DAMMIT COME ON. I think arizona and the falcons will do good this year too.

Scott said...

You really think the Lions are gonna win 3? Wishful thinking. I don't think the Panthers are gonna go that far. Otherwise I agree with most of your predictions, I just honestly cannot think of betting against the Steelers in a repeat.