Monday, September 21, 2009

Book Review - The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (no spoilers)

I will try and give this review keeping in mind that many of you have not yet finished this book. I liked the book but I guess when you are expecting an A+ and receive a B- effort, one cannot help but be slightly disappointed.

Let me just address a few points.

1. Robert Langdon. Maybe it has been to long and I am forgetting who Langdon was as a character but I don't seem to remember him being an arrogant whiner as much as he is in this book. I seem to remember a guy who, though he was an expert in symbology, was rather open-minded to the idea that he could be wrong about what he knew and open to learning to ideas. In TLS, he came off very close-minded to alternative interpretations about what he thought he knew.

2. While appreciating the depth of research that was done in preparation for TLS, Dan Brown all too frequently used internal thought dialogue of Robert Langdon to lecture the reader. Despite my eagerness to learn the material, trying to picture Langdon divulging extensive mental lesson plans in the face of crisis grew annoying quickly.

That being said, I finished being overall satisfied but not blown away like after reading The Da Vinci Code for the first time or subsequently with Angels and Demons.

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