Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Favorite Tea Party Signs...part I

And by "favorite" I obviously mean "things-that-make-me-laugh-while-highlighting-idiocy."

The premise behind this series originated from a conversation I was having with a friend who said that I was unfairly throwing all Tea Party supporters into the same category as the isolated crazies that end up being the ones interviewed on television or waving their signs. I said I disagreed and added that thinking Obama was a Socialist qualified as "crazy" in my book and, hence, the rallies were filled with crazies.

Initially this was supposed to be a single post. However, due to the high volume of entries...This will be a multi-post event. Enjoy!

Don't let grandma anywhere near Tiananmen Square or else!!!

Lock and load.

Add "anti-gay" and "anti-immigrant" and you'll have the GOP campaign platform for 2012.

Obamunism: See that's a combination of Obama and Communism...which makes it twice as true.

Am I my brother's keeper? Nope.

Oh how horrid our lives have been suffering under the oppressive Dictator Obama!

Somehow I think he'd enjoy the freedom of standing in the unemployment line.

Apparently when you're 'unemployed and free' you have plenty of time to dig in dumpsters behind the Capitol Building.

Words cannot even begin to explain...

Thanks Glenn Beck...appreciate the racism.


Urban Koda said...

If only those people weren't actually sincere in their delusions...

My main reason for commenting however is to get email notification of anyone who takes offense to this, since I suspect those comments may be as funny.

Scott said...

These aren't even that bad, I saw some really crazy ones at the rally I went to in Yorba Linda.

Look of course any political gathering will bring out the fringe kooks, I think I told you about the fight I got into with a crazy woman at the local GOP headquarters. But again I maintain tea party attendees represented a broad spectrum of local citizens. Do you think the anti-Bush signs at the peace rallys were any better? I remember several times seeing Bush hung in effigy, can you imagine the insanity that would ensue if someone were to come to a tea party rally with Obama hung in effigy?

Finally, while Obama is not a pure card carrying Socialist, many of his actions are definitely anti-capitalist, which in many peoples dictionaries means pro-socialist or pro-communist. I think a better label would be statist.

A few of my favorite anti-free market actions:
Obama's federal seizure of GM and replacement of their CEO, appointment of a "pay czar", crippling of health insurance companies, use of TARP money to control banks. Oh if I had more time I am sure I could come up with a few more.

Scott said...


Won't let me post the image.

T.J. Shelby said...

Scott, this is only part 1...there are more coming. That's kind of the point of having a multi-part series, to show that this isn't just "fringe kooks." I have at least 5 parts worth of seriously outrageous photos.

Also, the GOP/Tea Party definition of fringe kook is vastly different from my definition.

And apparently it's only Socialism when a Non-Republican does it. Otherwise, it's God-endorsed imperialism...uh...I mean, American patriotism.