Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oscars Best of the 2000's, part I...Animated Feature Film

This is part I of a new series I'm going to do pitting the annual Oscar winners of the 2000's against each other for a Bronze, Silver and Gold Super Oscar, or a Decade Oscar. The only qualifications are that you must be an Oscar winner. I'm going to do one for the 6 major Oscars (and today's minor one for Best Animated Feature Film).

The Nominees:

2000 - (Award first began in 2001)
2001 - Shrek
2002 - Spirited Away
2003 - Finding Nemo
2004 - The Incredibles
2005 - Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit
2006 - Happy Feet
2007 - Ratatouille
2008 - Wall-E
2009 - Up


Bronze - Up

Silver - Shrek

And the winner is...

Gold - Finding Nemo

Next month will be the Best Supporting Actor award. If you haven't seen some of those movies, you have a month to see them and weigh in on your vote.

The Nominees:

2000 - BENICIO DEL TORO in "Traffic"
2001 - JIM BROADBENT in "Iris"
2002 - CHRIS COOPER in "Adaptation"
2003 - TIM ROBBINS in "Mystic River"
2004 - MORGAN FREEMAN in "Million Dollar Baby"
2005 - GEORGE CLOONEY in "Syriana"
2006 - ALAN ARKIN in "Little Miss Sunshine"
2007 - JAVIER BARDEM in "No Country for Old Men"
2008 - HEATH LEDGER in "The Dark Knight"
2009 - CHRISTOPH WALTZ in "Inglourious Basterds"


Jude N Eliza said...

Shrek over either the Incredibles or Wallace and Grommit? I disagree, sir.

Unless you are reserving the decade award for them and by winning the deade award they are ineligible for either gold silver or bronze...

I'd like some justification for shrek placing at all.

T.J. Shelby said...

Sorry, the gold Oscar is the Decade Oscar. So, Finding Nemo is the best of the decade.

The Incredibles was cool...but not very original. The storyline was fun but predictable. Shrek's storyline was innovative.

Wallace and Gromit...the shorts were WAY better than the movie. And come on, I can't give an award to Gumby's grandkids.

Add to that, I'm hoping that maybe some of Shrek's billion dollar franchise sofa change may end up in my pocket...

Scott said...

I can't disagree with Nemo getting the top nod, but seriously how can you over look "Spirited Away". Truly groundbreaking work there. For the slight I sentence you to re-watch all the studio Gibli movies. Start with the newest Ponyo, then move through Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, and Kiki's delivery service. You may think differently.

T.J. Shelby said...

Scott, I know everyone loves those. There was a time my kids could almost recite Kiki's Delivery Service verbatim. I really just can't get into them and I guess I was probably just holding a grudge that it beat CARS for their Oscar.

Jodi Jean said...

ugh ... i am NOT of fan of shrek, but i agree it was pretty innovative.

that being said, i completely agree with finding nemo.

and how did wall-e win in 2008 ... LAMEST movie EVER!!

T.J. Shelby said...

I agree Jodi, Wall-E was the worst of the three nominated in 2008. Kung Fu Panda should have won, Bolt 2nd, and Wall-E takes 3rd by default...