Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arizona and Political Tacos

This is an inside joke and the joke is really a book. Hopefully, those of you NOT in on the joke can still find humor in it.

GOP Taco - aka "Family Values Taco" - Not made by illegals, homos or non-Christians. Best when eaten while your mistress reads the Bible to you.

Democrat Taco - constructed by illegal immigrants after a $500 million government program was created to show them step-by-step how to make a taco. Provisions made by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to ensure funding for this came only from white middle class tax payers.

Tea Party Taco - They won't eat the taco unless you can prove it was in the United States. Other than that they want the government out of their tacos.

Nancy Pelosi Taco - Looks pleasant from the outside, almost fake but it is filled with demonic evil, not to mention, it will cause the world's most annoying laugh.

Glenn Beck Taco - TACO - Traitor Anti-American Communist Obama. He won't eat tacos because the founding fathers never ate tacos.

Harry Reid Taco - It's really a chalupa but isn't self aware enough to realize it.

Sarah Palin Taco - "I eat tacos all the time. All kinds, all different sorts, ya know, whatever taco they put on my desk, I just eat them up. I love me a good old fashioned American taco. It's what Reagan would have eaten so it's good enough for me, aw shucks."

President Obama Taco - Served to failing industries loaded with BILLIONS of Not to mention, although many have seen the certificate, including Hawaii's Attorney General, we cannot PROVE where this taco was made.

Mitt Romney Taco - "I am categorically opposed to tacos as I prepare for my 2012 Presidential run even though as governor of Massachusetts I made tacos the official state food.

Ron Paul Taco - Tacos are an unnecessary part of the food industry and should be audited and then eliminated.

FOXNews Taco - "Tacos are...MUSLIM...wonderful a dinner rotation...OBAMA...for many American...OSAMA...families across this...HITLER, STALIN, MAO...great nation."

MSNBC Taco - "Taco. We have no original material, we just react to the talking heads at FOX News. Taco. Taco."

CNN Taco - "The most trusted name in Tacos."

Jon Stewart Taco - "This f***ing Taco."


Christopher Maloy said...

LOL... Loved it.

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Very good TJ.

- Lorrie