Sunday, August 1, 2010

Maybe Chaffetz Isn't a Donkey?

I saw this clip posted over at Urban Koda's website and was amazed. Since arriving in Utah, I have seen a neighboring freshman Congressman Jason Chaffetz make blunder after blunder.

That being said, he actually went on the Rachel Maddow show and explained his position on a recent vote against another $33 billion in war funding, while denying less than a half of that for other domestic measures, like teachers, low income college student loans, or summer job programs. Not only did Chaffetz vote NO but he he went against the party caucus. And it was not a close split either like it was with the Democrats (148-102). 160 other Republicans voted YES, while only 12 (including Chaffetz) voted NO.

Have I been wrong about Jason Chaffetz? Maybe, maybe not. This logical approach to government is a step in the right direction though.

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