Thursday, August 14, 2008

Science vs Religion...a logical debate between Hitchens and D'Souza

In the never-ending investigation between science/logic and religion and my attempt to reconcile the two, I have watched many formal debates on the issue. My hang-up with religionists is that they always try to combat logic and science with scripture and testimony. Why are religionists afraid of using logic to combat logic? Is religion illogical and they can’t win the debate logically and therefore must rely on scripture, testimony and emotion?

And the atheist in the debates is always a charismatic public speaker while the religionist looks like a slightly agoraphobic choirboy who can barely break monosyllabic tones. The outcome of the debates is obvious and the religionist is always slaughtered. That being said, I have found a great debate between two equally yoked opponents.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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Nicole Shelby said...

after listening to the first part of the debate, a few thoughts come to mind.

the first is...i really believe this stuff. the teachings of christ have truly made the world a better place. and contrary to the views of many scientists...the more i learn about science the the laws of nature -the more i believe that they point to God.

second, i have sadness for Hitchens, and those like him, who see only madness and despair in the world around them. who can only see the darkness, no matter how much light is shining around them. he reminds me of that scene from the last c.s. lewis narnia book. after going through the barn door, the dwarves couldn't open see what was around them. they chose to be miserable in the barn.

third, the crutch that many christian religions have. the belief that "christianity" started 2,000 years ago. and that's it. then what would be the point of the old testament?

is it a mormon thing then? that the gospel has been taught in each dispensation of time? that God spoke with Adam and Eve and his children since? christ coming was the fulfillment of prophecy, not a wonderful surprise. the nature of the atonement as infinite. in time - forward and back. in scope - for all who have, and did, and will live. the fundamental nature of agency in our lives?

so many things to think about. gotta devote more time to it.