Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Twenty sponsors dump Glen Beck and gain me as a patron.

Glen Beck has lost 20 sponsors over the last two weeks. The most recent batch of sponsors to bail on Beck decided to leave after his appearance on a morning show and calling President Obama a racist "with a deep-seeded hatred for white people or the white culture."

I will now support (or continue to support) these companies for pulling their advertising away from the moron Glen Beck.

Ally Bank
Best Buy
Broadview Security
CVS Pharmacy
Men's Warehouse
Proctor & Gamble
Progressive Insurance
Radio Shack
SC Johnson
State Farm Insurance

Have to give props to my friend Jared DuBois, I saw this first on Monday when he posted it on his facebook page. Check out his blog HERE.


Lisa said...

I LOVED that episode of Daily Show.

When I went to youtube to find the full clips, though, I ran into a clip regarding the same surgery experience where Beck actually says something akin to "I was waiting for them to hand me my drivers license. It was like being at the DMV"

oh god, I died. isn't that the argument AGAINST universal health care?

Pick a side, Beck.

Matt Shelby said...

always hated that man......

T.J. Shelby said...

Ha ha ha...

Christopher Maloy said...

Finally the masses and money makers are standing up to the wrong in the world.

Patron convert as well.

Scott H. said...

That was hilarious. I can honestly say I have never watched Beck and that's nice cause he seems like an idiot...and Jon Stewart is hilarious

Anonymous said...