Monday, November 10, 2008

Barack Obama explains why TJ Shelby voted for him and No on Prop 8...

This is Exhibit A on why Barack Obama WILL be a great leader:

If you'd like to view the speech in it's entirety, here are the links:

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V


Christopher Maloy said...

LOVED IT!!!!!!

My favorite line: "Democracy demands religious motivations translate to universal rather than religious specific ... Religious proposals need to be subjected to argument and amiable to REASON."

Can I have an Amen?

There are a few people in my neighborhood as well as in my surroundings that don't quite get that and feel that you are attacking their faith anytime they make a political statement publicly and you disagree.

Christopher Maloy said...

I meant to write this

anytime they make a political statement publicly (based on faith) and you disagree.

patty amloy said...

Hey T.J or as our family down the street would say “T”! Good to hear from you! It's been a while. Congrats on your new baby boy and your beautiful Family! Even though we don't talk much we do hear about you guys from Heidi every once in a while and we're always wishing you guys the best and OH.........when exactly are you movin' out here???? I know ...I know I won't mention it again, it's just such a nice thought of having you guys out here!

So your videos are very informative and could be a lesson to all if ONLY...... you know the rest!

I for one prefer not to talk politics and/or religion because as always the conversation ends up in a quarrel! Believe me...the weeks prior to the election I have been a front row seater to the Chris and Sonny debate along with others at church regarding Prop 8. Sonny and Chris are both (I'm trying to be very careful with my word choices because I know they will peek at my comment!!!) very opinionated and hold strong to their views..they're bros and well you can probably imagine a perfect know them! I'm just glad they're so close because the next day it's all forgotten or at least laid to rest and lives go on! Now with friends and just frustrates me that these debates ruin relationships! Oh by the way Chris(if your peeking) who did you offend this time! Now unless I've placed myself in an awkward situation that calls to defend my beliefs I will shed no tear for the opposing side. However, I really think twice about it and who my oppenent is because in the end I am the one stressed, angry and hurting someone!

With Obama as our new leader...I am very optimistic that he has great plans to lead us out of the hole! Some say he's inexperienced and doesn't have what it takes to take charge and make effective choices...well from experience in the work force the best ideas and solutions came from those that were novice and followed their own twist on already unsuccessful strategies....and it worked not because they had a great plan but because fellow co-workers put their differences in views and beliefs aside and tried a new way for the better of a community!

Well enough of that...I'm curious to read your blog in full detail due to your comment about not writing anything you don't want your Bishop to know!

So I'm off to watch some TV and eat the rest of Sonny's Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey!(Sorry Sonny...I love you!)

Take care TJ and say hi to Nicole!

Patty Maloy said...

That's Maloy...oops!

Heidi Maloy said...

I liked Patty's comments- particularly the ones about when are you guys moving up here ;) hahaha
And I also like Patty's comments into Sonny and Chris' relationship- Patty and I joke that we are the only people on the planet that can relate to each other fully because we are the only two people who are married to the Maloy bros! ... and Chris, who did you offend this time? AND Patty's right- friendships and relationships are not worth political discussions!