Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama and explains why...

Although Election Day is now upon us, I still don't know who I am voting for. I have long been a fan of McCain, but this process has chilled my enthusiasm. I was preparing a long pros and cons list of McCain vs Obama but once I saw Colin Powell's explanation...I figured I could just post his commentary and say: Ditto. While my vote is leaning towards Obama right now...I have not yet cast my vote. I just hope I decide before I enter the voting booth.

Here is Colin Powell's explanation...DITTO:

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Heidi Maloy said...

I think this interview was very telling about not only both candidates but the campaign process as well. And I agree, I was also a McCain fan, but became disenchanted--- and the more I did my own research into what the candidates plans in fact are--- guess what- I was even more surprised and impressed with the shift I was personally making in my preference. And it came right down to this morning for my final decision as well. But... my final vote was in fact for Obama- now, hopefully he can just accomplish a few of his ideas- either way, he will make history, let's hope the history books smile favorably upon his tenure (should he win).