Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christian music of today and yesterday...

Growing up in the LDS church, we didn't have much in the way of alternative outlets in regards to music. It was Mormon Tabernacle Choir or the devil's music. Even when the conservative traditionalists conceded that there was probably a need for contemporary alternatives instead of just telling teenagers to avoid "bad music", the best we got was crap that was put out at annual Especially For Youth programs (for you non-LDS readers, think Jesus Camp for Mormons).

Best of EFY and other Mormon hits (get your barf bags ready):
Like a Lighthouse
Never a Better Hero
Win The Race
He's Just a Friend - Saturday's Warrior soundtrack
Mormon Rap was a failed attempt that has now reached "legendary" status in Mormon folklore.

Then during my church mission (1997-1999) it seemed like a change was on the horizon. A Mormon guitarist appeared and gave me hope. Here is a sampling of Greg Simpson:
Come As You Are
Seven Wonders
Faith Like That

That hope has long since died. Contemporary Christian rock has given me new hope. Let me be clear too. I don't want, or expect, this stuff to begin appearing in Sunday meetings. I just wish more stuff like this was encouraged as alternatives to the offerings of the world who do not profess to share the same moral compasses as those in the Christian communities.

Unfortunately, we Mormons are still in the pioneer days compared with current Christian rock music:

Jesus Freak by DC Talk

Whispers in the Dark by Skillet

Rebirth by Skiilet

For The Love Of The Game by Pillar

Breathe Into Me by Red
Alive by P.O.D.
Everything by Pillar
Youth of the Nation by P.O.D.
Say This Sooner by The Almost

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Christopher Maloy said...

Not going to give my full comment. The music was very Nirvanaish and Linkin Parkish. The lyrics ... hahahahahahahaha

Jesus Freak disturbed me, mostly because the lyrics had so many double meanings. I know pretty much he was proud to be a Jesus Freak. I wonder what he means when he says, "Kamikaze, my death is gain Ive been marked by my maker A peculiar display
The high and lofty, they see me as weak Cause I wont live and die for the power they seek."

Whispers in the Dark ... whatever makes life bearable for you man. Whatever gets you through the day.

Rebirth - I know finding Jesus is him finding life, but what does this say about life for those that don't have Jesus, "I lie here paralytic
Inside this soul
Screaming for you till
My throat is numb
I wanna break out
I need a way out
I don't believe that it’s gotta be this way
The worst is
The waiting
In this womb I'm suffocating"

Love of the Game - What does this mean, "Your final destination,
Keeps you focused on the win".

Focused on the win?

That is all I am going to say. Great conversation post.