Saturday, November 8, 2008

October Hike - Chantry Flats

Recently upon a trip up to family in Ontario two hours north of San Diego, I decided to go on a hike. The plan was for me to begin hiking Thursday and then on Friday afternoon, two of my brothers-in-law would meet me up there to do another hike. Here are some photos of what we experienced.

This was my entry point in the San Gabriel Mountains. This point on the map is known as Red Box.

Here is the first of MANY switchbacks:

Long story short on this one...this is what I spent 1.5 hours hiking through because I got lost. I had the opportunity to put my orienteering skills to use and found my way back to the trail and continued on my hike.


Is it any wonder I got lost with the trails in this type of condition?

Or this?

Great Mountain Scenery:

This is Newcomb Pass. This was the 9 mile marker for my day thus far. The elevation gain is 1255 feet in 1.6 miles to the pass. I was so exhausted, I almost slept there instead of continuing on for the next 3 miles to Spruce Grove. Though I'm glad I did because in talking with a Ranger later he indicated about 10 days prior there had been two bears spotted at the pass.

I got to camp just as darkness was settling in. I ate my disgusting chili dinner and went to bed. I don't use a tent, I use what is called a bivy. Now for those of you who backpack, you probably know what a bivy is but for those who don't click here. I use it because it weighs 1 lb 8 ounces. The lightest one man tent at REI still weighs over 3 lbs. Anyhow, here is the view as I woke up in the morning still laying on my back:

Trail marker on the way to meet Robby and Scott:

En route to rendezvous at Chantry Flats:

Detour through Hoegees Camp, which has been refurbished by the forestry service and looks amazing!

Met a traveling companion along the way:

My hiking companions have arrived. Here's Scott:

And here's Robby:

A spot along the trail with a felled tree:

Steep section of the trail:

The next morning (in order of waking), Robby:


And sleepy-head Scott...aka Kielbasa:

Random shot of Nature:

And another:

Three Amigos? No. Three Musketeers? No. Three Stooges...Yes!!!

On the way to the falls for lunch:

Sturtevant Falls (I guess it hasn't been raining much...):

Us at the Falls:

Scenery nearing the end:

View coming up the final ascent on Heart Attack Hill:

And another:

And last but not least...This is my favorite marker on the trail:


Christopher Maloy said...

Pretty cool man. Looks like you are missing one bro though.

T.J. Shelby said...

Yeah, "the girly man"...

T.J. Shelby said...

Muah haa haa...

Christopher Maloy said...

Someone has to be the beee-oooooch.

Nicole Shelby said...

yeah, like chris would've gone. no cushy mattress or tea parties? kidding...sort of...

i can't wait until i can go hiking with you.

i wish you could go more often, i know you love it!

Christopher Maloy said...

E Tu Nicole!!!

Scott H. said...

Awesome trip TJ, thanks for planning this for us, it rocked! Though those switch backs killed, it was worth it.

Nicole Shelby said... know i love ya.

just like teasing you! i know you aren't planning on doing the PCT with us - not cushy enough.