Friday, May 1, 2009

Happiness - Day One

Today is my Dad's Birthday so I will dedicate today's happiness to him. As I reflect on the what I have learned from him over the years, a few big ones come to mind.

1. "If you're going to do a half-ass job, don't bother doing it at all." He taught me the virtue of hard work.

2. He taught me that taking care of your family is priority number one. He worked countless hours, rotating shifts, mandatory doubles, etc. so that his family would have the necessities.

3. As a father, sometimes your own personal wants get kicked to the bottom of the priority list with wife and kids. As such, the boat my father has wanted since I first began to understand the english language, may finally become a reality this year...and I'm 32 years old. Congrats Dad...and bring it up here to Utah. Matt and I will help you break it in on Utah lakes.

4. I marvel at my dad's entrepreneurship and have a huge appreciation for all types of music thanks to my dad. When I was like 12 years old, my Dad just up and started a DJ Service. We spent many nights together at parties and those are times I will never forget. Friday and Saturday night were Karaoke nights at local pizza joints that booked us. Here's the funniest story I can remember during our DJ years.

* We had been hired by a Catholic Junior High School to DJ their "End-of-Year" dance. Like many kids that age, they frequently request songs that they can't dance to, but I would occasionally throw them a bone. My dad went to the bathroom and some kid requested "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. My exposure to Nine Inch Nails at that time had been limited to what I heard on KROQ 106.7 FM, which bleeped all of the offending phrases. Imagine my surprise as I am prepping the next song in the queue and look up to see my Dad's panicked look as he franticly makes his way from the back of the auditorium towards me making the throat-slice motion. I slowly took off the ear phones, looked out at the disgusted priest, shocked nuns and a few angry chaperones, as I now hear blaring over the loud speakers, "I want to f**k you like an animal"...

To this day, that memory still brings a smile to my face. It was absolutely hilarious...after the fact.

5. My love of zombie movies started at the young age of 5 or 6. I was home sick from school, mom was going to work and Dad had just got home from graveyard shift. As I'm laying on the couch, he says to me, "You can stay down here and watch this if you promise not to tell your mother. Otherwise, you've got to go upstairs." I agreed and we watched the 80's movie Return of the Living Dead.

6. He taught me that duct tape can solve 99% of the world's

7. He taught me to never give up because it's never too late to change.

I love you Pops and Happy Birthday!


Debby said...

TJ, you have become quite a man yourself! That was absolutely a wonderful way to wish your Dad a Happy Birthday. Debby

Jodi Jean said...

he taught me to NEVER t.p. your house ...

Matt Shelby said...

HAHAHAHAHA......I remember that night Jodi!! HAHAHAHAHAHHA

By the way, duct tape DOES solve 99% of the problems!!