Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happiness - Day Seven

Backpacking makes me happy. I feel close to God when I am in nature. I feel greater peace while examining the beauty of the earth that yet to be infiltrated by the stamp of human "civilization". Now that spring is here, I look forward to hiking the beautiful Utah mountains.

Here are the links to a documentary of a hike (2626 miles from Mexico to Canada) that is on my Bucket List.

Pacific Crest Trail Documentary (PART 1 - Click Here)

Pacific Crest Trail Documentary (PART 2 - Click Here)

"Walking the West" - Winner California Independent Film Festival (Best Documentary) and Vancouver Mountain Film Fest (Jury Award).

Enjoy the pictures:

Tuolumne Falls, Yosemite, California.

The Lower Falls on the Aspen Grove trail of Mount Timpanogos, Utah.

At the bridge down the backside near Chantry Flats, California.

Great shot in San Gabriel Mountains, California.

Sign found upon your exit of the trail in Chantry Flats.


Amanda said...

Beautiful pictures! Chris only wishes I was into the backpacking scene!!

Nicole Shelby said...

I know you were worried - but, I am getting excited about our hike through Yosemite for our Anniversary.

Just you and me. Stars at night. Light packs. Waterfalls. Trees. Green all around. Quiet. and...

Matt Shelby said...

That's gross Nicole.....I think I'll need someone to screen these comment logs from now on!!!