Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is it okay to cite religion as a reason to deny equal rights to homosexuals?

I appreciate the honesty in the answer from John Edwards. He sees the difference between his faith and his social policies:

Saturday morning I will be posting my last Proposition 8 blog...


sonnymaloy said...

I think you have to stand up for your own beliefs and if all you can do is hide behind your religion I think you need to build a stronger foundation. I come into contact on a daily bases with people who don't even believe in religion or God. So I think people need a better understanding with who they are sending a message to sometimes. I say no if they are just using religion as thier only defense.
I would rather hear that they are just agianst it because they don't think it is right. I hate how the government is trying to use religion in alot that they talk about (marriage,abortion,etc.). That is hard to do because not everone here believes the same way.
We are the land of the free because we have the freedoms to make are own chocies. So you can go to chruch everyday are never go at all. That does not make you any different then any other American. I don't really jive with the same sex marriage but thats because I'm not gay so I don't see it. But if that trips their triggers I guess.

Christopher Maloy said...

Great responses that understand the role of government and the role of religion. We do not have a theocracy and I would like to remain that way.