Thursday, October 16, 2008

LDS Doctrinal Question...participation required!

I have a simple question that I want to know how the blogging world responds.

When does a Prophet speak as a Prophet?


C and S (Mostly S) said...

This is an excellent question. That we have been throwing around here a lot lately. However I would have to say that a Prophet is speaking as a prophet when he says through revelation or something to that effect.

sonnymaloy said...

Bro my personal opinion. I think he speaks as a prophet when he has revolation and when he writes it down for further knowledge for the children of are Heveanly Father. But remember bro he to is only human. There is but only one man that walked this earth that is perfect. Everyone else has inperfections. Remember bro do not judge Jesus gospel by people judge it by what his word teaches you and your family about living to be the best you can be. I go to church for my family and myself nobody else. Much love bro I hope that didn't sound preachy because I hate that and you know that. I'm just trying to tell you what helps me.

T.J. Shelby said...

Sonny, don't assume too much. I am just asking a question and want to see what the responses are. So far it looks like everyone is too chicken to touch this subject.

I wasn't planning on responding, I just want to see all of the various answers.

T.J. Shelby said...

In summary, we have:
1. When he declares that his words came through revelation
2. He has revelation and writes it down for current and future generations.

Anyone else?

sonnymaloy said...

Hey bro wasn't really assuming anything at all if I was I would talked to you personally. You are one of my best friends and know alot about me from all are years together. I'm a straight shooter & you know that. I was just giving you the best anwser I could think of. Not really good with prophets, scriptures, and religious talk but I try to give an honest anwser. So if it sounded aimmed at you sorry, but it wasn't.

Nicole Shelby said...

this is a tricky one.
we believe in prophets and modern revelation.

however, i think He rarely (if ever) says "i am speaking through revelation...". but, we know that the prophet is the mouthpiece of the lord.

he doesn't have a special sign to hold up.

and we know that he is a man.

he "acts" as a prophet. and he "speaks" as a prophet. acts - like dedicating temples. signing missionaries calls. etc. speaks - giving guidance, directions, admonitions, warning...

everyday conversation? no. telling stories of childhood? no. establishing a perpetual education fund? yes. admonishing us to attend the temple? yes.

i need to think about this some more. i know that prophet is always our prophet. but when is he speaking prophetically? interesting. this bears closer examination for myself. how can i say i follow a prophet of god, when i am unsure exactly when he is speaking as a "prophet"?

and the extension of that question: when do we follow him because he is a prophet? and when are we given guidance, but that we are supposed to act in accordance with the dictates of our own conscience?

Jodi Jean said...
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T.J. Shelby said...

Sonny, no problem bro, you know I love ya. Jodi, the chicken comment was a prodding tool. It worked on two of you.

Summary (updated):
1. When he declares that his words came through revelation
2. He has revelation and writes it down for current and future generations.
3. I don't know
4. Ditto

My guess is that no one else will comment and the blog will now die down, but I will wait and keep checking for a little while longer.