Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Prop 8 people...help me understand.

YES on Prop 8 people, I need some help understanding something...

If you continue to use the argument that homosexual domestic partnerships already have access to every right as heterosexual married partners which includes the priviliges of adoption...

Can someone please explain to me then how you are "protecting the children" and "defending the sanctity of marriage?" By not allowing homosexuals to use the name title "Marriage"?

If all actions remain the same but you just can't say the word marriage, how does a Yes on 8 vote accomplish anything?

Everything that is already happening will continue to occur, but as long as it is not called marriage, everyone is safe?

To me, it seems like Daniel Webster is funding the Yes on Prop 8 campaign because I see NOTHING that changes with a yes vote except a dictionary definition of a term...

And the involuntary divorces of thousands of committed couples.


Reuven said...

In many ways, it's a false "church" testing our Government to see what they can get away with, before they can launch their plan to take over America. Pray to Jesus and you'll know the real answer: vote NO on proposition 8.

T.J. Shelby said...

Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough...I am an ACTIVE Mormon who is voting NO on Prop 8. I do NOT believe the LDS Church is a "false 'church' testing our government."

And to show that I find craziness on both sides...please visit the link and laugh away. I find it just as disturbing as the Yes on 8 religious mentality.

And Reuven...Beware, we launched that plan a long, long time ago. Lol.

Amanda said...

I think the problems with redefining traditional marriage is going to be problematic, but not just because we are changing it to include same-sex couples. I think the problem will occur as people continue to try to push the legal limits further and further. I mean, if two people of the same gender can be married, then who's to say that a man can't have 2 wives? Or that a woman can marry her brother?
In reality, we shouldn't even be having this proposition on the ballot since it was passed by a majority vote several years ago already.

Nicole Shelby said...

pinky: "so...what are we going to today?"

brain: "the same thing we do everyday...try to take over the world."

i concur with needing a little light on this subject. whenever i've talked with yes'rs they've defended their position by claiming to not be taking away freedoms, because nothing will be different for homosexual couples, except they can't have the name.

that's not defense of marriage, that's defense of a term.

i would appreciate a clarification of goals here...especially because the vote is getting close!

Amanda said...

I found this youtube video that has Elder Bednar talking about Prop 8

Anne said...

In regards to prop 22, I want to point out the term "Tyranny Of The Majority." I believe Tyranny Of The Majority is what upheld The Racial Integrity Act for 43 years.

Anonymous said...

You don't know who I am but I have been checking your posts out here and there. I found your blog from one of my friends blogs. Your topics are very interesting. It is rare to find a Mormon who is voting against Prop 8. I am Mormon and I am voting Yes. I find it almost silly to write a comment because your mind is already set. It almost seems your posts are just to get a rise out of people, sadly it seems you even enjoy getting a rise out of your own family too. I will however tell you why I am voting yes. 1)I have a testimony of my prophet. He says this is important, then I will believe him and heed his promptings to make this proposition pass. You can continue to disillusion yourself that you have a testimony but look deep down. If you disagree with anything he says and continue to ask "when does a prophet speak as a prophet?" then it is obvious to everyone who reads your blog that you don't have a testimony of our prophet. This is clear to everyone but yourself.

2) I am not a mindless drone and although I would do anything the prophet asked me I also know that this proposition effects our families and is important to vote for it. I am not a homophobe. I have gay friends and actually, my sons teacher is a lesbian. I had accidentally found this out. She was not volunteering the information. Before I seriously looked into this proposition I thought no problem in voting NO. If someone wants to get married, why not. The real issue isn't just allowing them to get married. The real issue is the consequences in allowing them to marry. Have you checked out the things that have happened in Massachusetts as a result of allowing Gay marriages? Teachers reading Gay books to young children, Parents losing their rights in not wanting their children to participate in these class activities. Older children having assemblies telling them that homosexuality is normal. I don't believe this. I can accept someone but I still don't believe it's normal and it should not be taught to MY children. These are my rights as my childrens parent to teach them the things that I believe. It is not up to the state to decide for me. You can also disillusion yourself into thinking that the schools will not be involved. It has already happened in Massachusetts. It will happen here too. Infact, it already has. A couple weeks ago a gay teacher up in San Francisco took her First Grade class on a field trip to marry her Lesbian partner. This proposition hasn't even passed and it's already starting to affect our schools.
3) We will lose our rights. If we lose this proposition the church (in California) will lose it's taxed exempt status if we refuse to marry a gay couple. If this doesn't pass we will be giving rights to they gays to be married (that they never had in the first place) but in the process we will be losing our freedoms. Such as the freedom of religion to choose what we believe is a marriage. You may not see this as losing our freedom but by telling us if we don't marry someone in OUR chapels you will lose your tax exempt status is infact TAKING AWAY our freedoms.
4) We already voted on this and we won by a large majority that a marriage be defined as a man and a woman. 4 judges took it upon themselves to over rule what the people voted on. I believe that no one should have the power to over rule what an entire state has voted for, but that's another issue. In voting YES we are telling people that this is a Democracy. That we believe in our government and the power of the people. This is what our country was founded on yet judges continue to rule according to their wants. We need to vote yes to let them know that what they are doing is wrong. We already voted for this and because of them we are having to now etch it in stone for them. I believe that if I was against any issue that a judge ended up over turning that an entire state voted for that I would vote against it for the simple reason that it is unethical for a judge to over rule what the majority of our state has ALREADY voted for.

I am pretty sure you are just going to read this and still vote NO. There are 3 things that are taboo topics. One being Religion, Two being Politics and Third being income. This topic involves 2 of the 3 and as you have already seen has brought heated arguments both ways. Another reason you don't talk about these things is because you are rarely going to convince someone of your stand. You instead have arguments. On the occasion you do talk about these 3 taboo topics you can only state your opinion and hope it falls on a softened heart.